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viewHow Can You Express Your Views?

Your views are important to us: we're always keen to hear your questions, comments and concerns.

Speak To The Class Teacher

Parents' evenings are held three times a year - once in the autumn term, second in the spring term and the third in the summer term. However, informal meetings can be more effective. It is nearly always possible to speak with the class teacher for a moment or two after school, and a longer discussion can be arranged within a day or two. These meetings can be arranged if you have specific concerns or would like to know more about how to support your child. For example you may wish to know how to support your child with their handwriting or times tables.

Speak To The Headteacher Or Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Bowman and Mr Davies will provide you with an overview of your child's learning as well as talk about ways to you and your child. They treat all feedback sensitively and appropriately - your feedback is one of the ways we can keep getting better and better.

Contact OfSTED

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about Birchwood Junior School. It asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of the school from quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and bad behaviour. By sharing your views, you will be helping us to improve - we'll aim to keep doing things you praise and sort out the things you criticise. Please remember that if your feedback is specific to your own child, it might be better to contact someone at school so we can respond quickly and specifically to help your child.

At the Parent View website you will be able to see what other parents have said about Birchwood Junior School.

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