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Reading Policy Curriculum Intervention Information for Parents


At Birchwood Junior School, we are constantly striving to improve the inclusive provision for our children to ensure that each individual can achieve their potential and unlock their passion and enjoyment for reading. Reading is a complex skill with many components. Successful approaches to the teaching of reading should encourage children to use a variety of strategies in their pursuit of new word reading and meaning. It is important to lay firm foundations in this crucial area of the curriculum and establish a consistent whole school approach to the teaching of reading.

Our philosophy and curriculum provision is underpinned by and rooted in evidence-based theory using Rose’s Simple View of Reading to help identify struggling readers early and ensure those children have the necessary support.


Though the use of various assessment methods; The Single Word Reading Test, Rising Stars PiRA assessments and teacher AFL, children needing additional support are quickly identified and supported through various interventions.


Additionally, the Scarborough Reading Rope plays a significant role in the content of the provision from years 3 to 6. Lessons are structured to provide explicit teaching of specific reading skills following the whole school map yet embedded throughout teaching is the implicit teaching of the wider skills needed to become a skilled reader.

For more information about our pedagogy, please visit the link below to view the recommendations for improving literacy:

Improving Literacy In Key Stage 2, Guidance Report



Reading Policy Curriculum Intervention Information for Parents