Curriculum - R.S.H.E.

At Birchwood Junior School we 'DREAM BIG' and in Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RHSE) we 'Ask Questions' and 'Grow as individuals'. RHSE will focus on the development of skills and attitudes not just the acquisition of knowledge.

We care about our children as individuals and are here to support them on every step of their journey throughout primary school. We believe children should feel they always have somebody to talk to and encourage lots of discussion in our RHSE lessons. We believe our children should be equipped with the right vocabulary to have important discussions and feel empowered to speak out. We support our learning in RHSE by following the JIGSAW schemes of learning.


Our children will learn to develop an understanding of relationships within a family, between friends and the community. Our mini police team will form relationships within the community and ensure our school is part of the wider Birchwood community. Our children will develop the skills needed to form relationships and to respect other people’s emotions and feelings.


Our children will discuss and consider how to make simple choices. They will learn how important friendships are in supporting our mental wellbeing. They will understand ways to keep safe from abuse. They will know their rights over their own bodies. Our children will learn about the different types of bullying. They will learn different ways of showing respect and understand how to empathise with their peers and adults.

Sex Education

Children will learn the physical differences between males and females They will begin to understand the physical and emotional changes during puberty. They will learn how children are conceived and born. We will encourage an environment where children feel safe to share concerns that boys and girls may have as they become adults They will consider how sex is portrayed in the media, sexual stereotyping and understand that changing emotions are a normal aspect of puberty (This will be taught in Years 5 & 6 only)

RSHE Long Term Map (2020-2021)