Curriculum - Mini Police

Mini PoliceMini Police At Birchwood Junior School

The Mini Police are a group of 10 year 5 and year 6 children who are elected by their peers to become Mini Police. In this role, they will cover a variety of objectives from E-safety to Road Safety under the watchful eye of a local PCSO and a teacher at Birchwood Junior School.

Since Mini Police started in 2018, they have had many successes in enhancing our school community and the Birchwood community too through using British Values to teach children morals and how the law and justice system works.

We have been responsible for reducing roadside traffic and inappropriate parking outside of school through handing out parking tickets and educating adults with vital statistics about the dangers of parking outside of schools.

We have also worked with the other schools within our federation Woodlands Infant School and The Lancaster School to talk to the infants about staying safe online and what to do if you see someone being bullied.

We have also been responsible for meeting up with local councillors and debating about road safety for our school and we have even managed to get them to consider how they will make outside of our own school safer for all of the children at Birchwood!

If your child wants to be a Mini Police officer it will benefit them in a number of ways which will benefit them throughout their lives.

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