Curriculum - eTwinning

eTwinningBeing a global citizen is important at Birchwood Juniors. We are currently working to build links with other schools across Europe and the globe. This helps our pupils have an awareness of the wider world, gain knowledge from other cultures and empathise with others.

Our current project:

In year 5 we are part of a postcards and mapping project. With the aim of pupils gaining a greater knowledge of geographical locations within Europe, writing for purpose and learning about different traditions and cultures. Each country will write three postcards to the other schools: One of a monument from when they go to school, one of a traditional food and another of traditional item of clothing. As the postcards arrive the children are reading them, discussing the images and researching the history attached to them. Once the postcards are used they will be on display in the hall for all pupils to view.

The regions and countries involved include:

Giresun, Turkey | Oradea, Romania | Trevieres, France | Pozega, Croatia | Mataro, Spain | Most, Czech Republic | Otfried-Preußler-Mittelschule Stephanskirchen, Germany | Ilkadim, Turkey | Abazovka, Ukraine | Gulbenes Novads, Latvia | Amarante, Portugal | Esine (BS), Italy | Sacrofano (Roma), Italy | Bulgaria