School Council

councilWhy Do We Have A School’S Council?

At Birchwood, our School’s Council is an important opportunity for children to get involved in the running of the school. Children are encouraged to provide suggestions of improvement, share feelings and influence decisions, which potentially impact the whole school. The children chosen welcome the responsibility, develop in confidence and enhance their communication skills. They have a clear understanding of the importance of expressing both their own views and the view of the other children in their class.

Who Can Be A Member Of The School’S Council?

Our School Council consists of a boy and girl from every class. Each councillor is elected by other members of their cohort at the beginning of the school year, after a short presentation explaining why they would be suitable for the role. A ballot day takes place where each year group is invited to listen to four candidate's speeches from each class in their year group (two girls and two boys). The children then vote for the person they think would be most suitable to represent their year group.

What Do We Do?

Members of the school council gather for regular meetings throughout the year with Mr Worsdale. In these meetings they discuss ideas for school improvement, and share fund raising suggestions.