Class 12

Welcome to Class 12

The Truly, Tremendous Class Twelve - Class 12 is the place to be!

Great Expectations

This year we will have 'Great Expectations' when finding out about The Victorians. We will boldly go, finding out all about Space the Final Frontier and we will be blown away by Beowulf and the defeat of Grendel when we learn about the Vikings.

We will also have fun taking part in a variety of sporting pursuits.


We will base our literacy learning around 'Oliver Twist'

Further Activities: The link on the right under English will take you to Presentation on Building Bricks Sentence Building.



Term 1

- Place Value
- Addition and Subtraction
- Multiplication and Division

We will practice our times tables daily using Times Table Rockstars



Our Science topic is... Circle of Life

We will extend our understanding of what a life cycle is, and learn about the life cycles of some familiar (and some less familiar) mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. We will compare and contrast different life cycles, identifying common features as well as explaining key differences. We will use our knowledge of life cycles to help us create a fantastical creature of own, complete with its own distinct life cycle.


The Victorians

This term we will be finding out all about Victorian life.

We will learn about how hard life could be and what Victorian schooling was like. We will research the lives of prominent figures that shaped changes during this period. We will also find out about entertainment and inventions.



Maths Homework

This year your maths homework will be set online using the MyMaths website. Please click on the link to the right which will take you to the login pages.

MyMaths Login

USERNAME - birchwoodjunior
Then go to 'My Portal' and enter your very own individual login details.

Your individual login details were sent home at the start of term. Don't worry if you can't find them as Miss Fox has a copy of them in Class 12. Now you can complete your homework online! Miss Fox can see when you have completed it and how successful you were! She will leave a comment for you when she has seen it!

If you have an iPad or Android device you can still complete your MyMaths homework - you will need to download the Puffin Academy app and then login to MyMaths.

Remember, when you have finished your homework there are lots of fun games you can play on MyMaths too and lots of lessons you can try!

Active Learn Login

USERNAME - the first four letters of your first name and the first four letters of your surname (eg. Fredrick Blogs - FREDBLOG)
PASSWORD - password